Components of Teaching and Learning Process

Components of Teaching and Learning Process

Teaching may be defined as showing or helping someone to learn how to do something, giving instruction, guiding in the study of something, providing with knowledge, causing to know or understand
Dictionaries also give a variety of definitions about teaching. According to Cambridge International Dictionary of English, teaching means to give someone knowledge or train someone; mean while the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English defines teaching as to show someone how to do something or to change somebody’s idea.
As Brown’s definition about teaching explained above, there is no exact rule that teaching is done by the teacher to the students. Teaching itself is always related to the term of teacher-centered. It is when the teaching activity depends on the teacher only. The students are considered as objects that just receive what the teacher says without having any feedback. Whereas, teaching activity does not only depend on the teacher, but also on the learners, or known as leaner-centered.
From all of the definitions above, it can be concluded that the main point of teaching is that it is to guide and to facilitate learning, to enable the learner to learn and to set the conditions for learning, no matter it depends on the teacher or the learners.
Learning is the process by which an activity originated or changed through training procedures whether in the laboratory or in the natural environment
According to Concise Macquarie dictionary, the word learning is defined as: knowledge acquired by systematic study.

The components of teaching and learning process are very essential in order to run a teaching and learning process, other wise the teaching and learning process will not be able to run.
The components of teaching and learning process are learners or students and teachers (Edge, 1993:1)
The definition of learner and teacher are stated as follow:
1. Learner or student
A learner or a student is one who studies a subject systematically or detail Student is one who engages in a course of study and instruction, as at a college, university, or professionals, or technical school.
2. Teacher
The definition of teacher according to Concise Macquarie dictionary is one who teaches or instructs.

Factors Affecting Language Acquisition Process
In learning language, some factors may affect the language acquisition process. Those factors are:
1. The internal factor
The internal factor is the learner’s personal condition. The factors are:
 Age
As adolescents, learners are mostly excited of learning new things. Therefore, they have already had a supporting aspect on learning something.
 Motivations
Motivation is the most important factor of all, without motivation; there would be no effort to reach the target. Motivation is the main factor to force the students to achieve their goals.
 Intelligent.
Learners with high intelligent tend to achieve better than those who have low intelligent.
2. The external factor
The external factor is the factor outside of learner’s personal condition that may affect the teaching process. The factors are macro and microenvironment, teacher educational background and experience, teaching and learning methodology, facilities, and physical facilities.
The learners or students who have a good external factor condition are tending to achieve better result in studying or learning.
Those above factors are very essential for the running of teaching and learning process. It is because those factors may influence learner’s progress and learner’s learning outcome.

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