Download Materi Listening English Professionals From British Council

Download Materi Listening English Professionals From British Council

Download Beberapa  Materi Belajar Listening Native Speaker dari British Concil disertai dengan Teks AudioScript, Disajikan dalam beberapa Tema Silakan download, Jangan Ambil Test TOEFL sebelum mendengar materi berikut….

1. Brazil MP3 download disini

2. CHAOS THEORY MP3 download disini

TEKS CHAOS THEORY PDF download disini

3. CULTURAL MP3 download disini

TEKS CULTURAL PDF download disini

4. Currency exchange MP3 download disini

TEKS Currency exchange PDF download disini

5. Discrimination mp3 download disini

TEKS Discrimination PDF download disini

6. Emotional-intelligence mp3 download disini

TEKS emotional-intelligence PDF download disini

7. Fashion.mp3 download disini

TEKS Fashion PDF download disini

8. film-festivals.mp3 download disini

Teks Film-festivals.pdf download disini

9. Football.mp3 download disini

TEKS Footbal.pdf download disini

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  1. thx 4 helping me……………

  2. i cant down load materi listening

  3. it’s very good material we can improve the student ability in listening

  4. thx alots all s so useful

  5. Thanks very much for your information
    i hope the materials will help me to improve and to increase my English.

  6. good… terimakasih link2…nya

  7. thanks. it enrich my knowledge. God bless you

  8. bagaimana cara downoadnya ya kok tidak bisa …

  9. Thanxsssssssssssssssss SOooooo Muchhhhhhhh
    SMoga dapt berhasil, doain yach….

  10. thx u so muxh…its so help me…

  11. Thank you so much.
    I can download the material for my project. it helps me a lot.

  12. I love it, thank u so much, it’s help me…………………………….. thanks, thanks and thanks………… for your help.

  13. yang materi currency ama discrimination ko cuma kb aja ukurannya . ga sesuai dgn teks ya pak. Wah, terpotong.
    tapi yang lain makasih banyak yah….

  14. thx for prividing these useful things.upz…if U state that U’re my Pakde,U must be thinking to gimme more..hee..hee. one thing, I’ll be waiting 4 your visit to my inbox. Let’s know better.

  15. yorur link is to bad….. dont use ziddu …

  16. kok gak ada materi tentang ilmu perpustakaan

  17. thx a lot

  18. Terima kasih pak Sofa.
    This is helpful. :)

  19. Terima kasih pak..semoga bapak selalu sukses…

  20. Pak, saya butuh materi ‘listening’ just to improve my english…

  21. thx..this is really help me to improve my listening skill

  22. thanks…. God bless you Mr… continue :)

  23. thanks for mp3…..

  24. hi…pak de Sofa…
    thanks for those material…
    but how bout the text of audio????
    i dont know where i can get that….


  25. terima kasih banyak atas kebaikannya

  26. I am confused

  27. terima kasih banyak… saya telah mendownload beberapa hal di sini…

  28. trims

  29. thx bgd ya…
    ud ketolong ni..

    tp bs gx sediain sekalian jawabannya…
    biasany tu dosen mintanya gtu…

    thank you sir….

  30. hope better in future……..

  31. thank you for the best app i can download it…

  32. it’s very good…thank’s…

  33. thanks for your information,I hope you will always give me a lot of knowledge…

  34. makasih ya semoga terus maju….

  35. Thanks a lot, hopefully it will help Indonesian human resources to be more creative…

  36. shares: you can find more here

    the resources are all free to download :)

  37. it is so important blog for teachers….thx.
    oya, untuk rekan blog mau baca info silakan baca juga

  38. may u help!!!!!
    how to take or download materi listening in inteernet

  39. blog yang sangat menarik.terima kasih informasi dan bahan ajarnya,

  40. grEaT…

  41. it makes me happy..
    it makes me relax..
    it makes me smart..

  42. nice and informative blog…i do like it, sir

  43. last but not the last… thank you

  44. Singkat, padat, jelas. I like it. Thanks…

  45. kok ga ada scriptnya yach….. apakah ada Scriptnya pak Sofa?

    tx a lot!

  46. thank you, i needed this material. may i download it?

  47. Good job sir . . .

  48. thanx… it’s help me in practicing english…

  49. nice info and sharing … everybody search free article like this !

  50. this is very excellent..

  51. thanks a lot, because they can help me in order to be a native speaker

  52. ikut nimbrung baca paling belakang….thanks a lot,

  53. you can visit other important site for listening.

    I hope you enjoy them

  54. tararengkyu… :D

  55. makasih ya………………………

  56. thanks for information sir, good luck

  57. I can’t download materi listening

  58. thanks a lot i really like those

  59. makasih

  60. that’s very kind of u having lots of material…btw, would u mind give it with pictures.

  61. many thanks for all this usefull things.

  62. thanks for helping me XDD~

  63. makasih byk pak…
    sangat membantu sbg bahan mengajar…

  64. makasih informasinya dan salam kenal

  65. oke, selesai sudah pencarian ku….

  66. Knapa ya aq gk bisa d0wnl0ad?

  67. thank you so much… Mr., the first step i learning english… it’s helping me…

  68. The most important thing to learn engllish is reading plenty of english articles, it will drive your english proficiency much better

  69. I though that recording’re similiar with the podcast of british council, right ? but i so thank very much to you cause you provided with devote to listening and reading with text , take care…………….

  70. Alhamdulilah…thanks sir……

  71. nice blog sir………………..

  72. Thank you so much pakde :)

  73. nice topic and useful for us….thanks a lot pakde..

  74. success go and fly in the sky

  75. thx 4 helping me in listening skill. it’s really useful for me. hopefully i more master in english

  76. thank u so muuuuuch
    all these such a thing that i was lookin’ for

  77. thanks sir…… it’s very usefull to me.

  78. thank’s a lot pak de sofa

  79. Thanks a lot. Ur site is very helpful… G Luck :D

  80. izin copas pak .

  81. thanks for sharing :)

  82. thank to share…i will try it,my hope is i can increas my english skill

  83. thank you Pak Sofa, it’s very useful, I want to increas my english,

    do you have the other toefl material? because I want to do toefl test next week?

  84. Thank you so much, now i can learn english practically

  85. wow very good but the dialogue is very fast.

  86. thank you

  87. thank u so much..

  88. Aw, this was an extremely nice post. Taking the time and actual effort to make a superb article… but what can I
    say… I procrastinate a lot and don’t seem to get nearly anything done.

  89. Asking questions are truly nice thing if
    you are not understanding anything totally,
    however this article offers good understanding

  90. Terima kasih banyak bapak.. sangat membantu.. ^_^

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