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Download Materi Listening English Professionals From British Council

Download Materi Listening English Professionals From British Council

Download Beberapa  Materi Belajar Listening Native Speaker dari British Concil disertai dengan Teks AudioScript, Disajikan dalam beberapa Tema Silakan download, Jangan Ambil Test TOEFL sebelum mendengar materi berikut….

1. Brazil MP3 download disini

2. CHAOS THEORY MP3 download disini

TEKS CHAOS THEORY PDF download disini

3. CULTURAL MP3 download disini

TEKS CULTURAL PDF download disini

4. Currency exchange MP3 download disini

TEKS Currency exchange PDF download disini

5. Discrimination mp3 download disini

TEKS Discrimination PDF download disini

6. Emotional-intelligence mp3 download disini

TEKS emotional-intelligence PDF download disini

7. Fashion.mp3 download disini

TEKS Fashion PDF download disini

8. film-festivals.mp3 download disini

Teks Film-festivals.pdf download disini

9. Football.mp3 download disini

TEKS Footbal.pdf download disini

97 thoughts on “Download Materi Listening English Professionals From British Council

  1. Thanks very much for your information
    i hope the materials will help me to improve and to increase my English.

  2. I love it, thank u so much, it’s help me…………………………….. thanks, thanks and thanks………… for your help.

  3. thx for prividing these useful things.upz…if U state that U’re my Pakde,U must be thinking to gimme more..hee..hee. one thing, I’ll be waiting 4 your visit to my inbox. Let’s know better.

  4. hi…pak de Sofa…
    thanks for those material…
    but how bout the text of audio????
    i dont know where i can get that….


  5. thx bgd ya…
    ud ketolong ni..

    tp bs gx sediain sekalian jawabannya…
    biasany tu dosen mintanya gtu…

    thank you sir….

  6. I though that recording’re similiar with the podcast of british council, right ? but i so thank very much to you cause you provided with devote to listening and reading with text , take care…………….

  7. thank you Pak Sofa, it’s very useful, I want to increas my english,

    do you have the other toefl material? because I want to do toefl test next week?

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